Master 2 IREF-ERDS: Economic Risks and Data Sciences

Harnessing economic and financial risks: Getting insights from data and developing future-proof strategies through modeling


This programme aims at forming specialists in the analysis and modelling of risks in the world of economics, market finance and credit insurance, drawing on strong skills acquired in modelling and data sciences.

Our graduates will have a solid knowledge in finance, risk, insurance or regarding the analysis of complex economic dynamics, as well as in-depth operational skills in applied mathematics and data sciences. They will therefore be prepared both theoretically and operationally to take on tasks requiring the use of advanced methods both in the field of data processing and in that of detecting, quantifying, modelling and controlling economic and financial risks. They will be accustomed to grasp complex environments both in terms of regulatory environments and in terms of products (insurance-based products and financial asset). Their computer skills will be an undeniable plus to face these missions (mastery of Python, R, VBA languages ).


Accordingly, the structure of the program aims at providing, over the two years, our students with a sophisticated skill set and a real capacity for analysis and modelling that can be fully operational. These can be grouped as follows:

  • Skills in Economics: Decision theory under uncertainty, Risk and insurance, monetary and financial macroeconomics, forecasting, economics of innovation, network analysis and modelling, complex dynamics in economics and finance
  • Skills in Finance: Financial Economics, Finance, Value at risk, Scoring, Market risk management, Prudential environment and risk management, climate risks and finance
  • Skills in Datascience : Datamining, Data Visualisation, Time Series Econometrics, Big Data Econometrics, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Data Mining, Webscrapping
  • Mastering of programming languages : Python, R-Project, VBA

A large part of the teaching in M2 of the ERDS course is provided in English to reinforce the professional integration of students abroad

This programme takes place at the crossing of the Economics and Applied mathematics departments, it also benefits from the full support of the research teams BSE (UMR CNRS 6060) and IMB (UMR CNRS 5251)

The expected number of students is 20.

Career opportunities

  • Data scientist in finance and economics
  • Data analyst in Financial risks
  • Risk manager
  • Financial / Market Economist
  • Forecasting and Economic Analysis


Responsable pédagogique : Prof. Marc-Alexandre Sénégas, [email protected]

Responsable volet professionnel : Yoris Pujol, [email protected]

Responsable administrative : Mme. Amélie Bonnet, [email protected]